Why You Should Work with Oracle’s Specialized Partner of the YearKeste was the proud recipient of two Oracle Excellence Awards at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 :

  • Specialized Partner of the Year 2014— Global in Middleware.
  • Specialized Partner of the Year 2014— North America in Middleware.

But why should you care? Do our wins mean anything for you?  You bet it does!

All Oracle Excellence Awards are designed to encourage partner companies to develop innovative solutions to help customers leverage their investments in Oracle technologies.

Since the Specialized Partner of the Year awards are part of these Excellence Awards, our five wins (2010, 2012, 2013, and two in 2014) are proof of Keste’s commitment to consistently deliver extreme business value  and generate new business potential (while leveraging Oracle-based solutions) for our customers.

This is important because business is moving faster than ever. Companies must transform constantly, or run the risk of being left behind as new market and industry leaders emerge. To remain competitive and operate efficiently (with increasing profitability), companies need new solutions for their key strategic initiatives…solutions that are compatible with today’s top technologies.

Keste’s innovative solutions, leveraging Oracle Fusion Middleware, solve this conundrum. They provide demonstrable value by extending and enhancing current IT assets with new technologies.

At Keste, our legacy of dedication, discovery and innovation around Oracle Fusion Middleware is second to none.  We have made significant investments over the last five years and have built an amazing team that we utilize for our innovative Oracle middleware-based solutions.

However, our award win is not about just one product or technology. It is about delivering a complete solution across Oracle’s broad offering– from middleware to apps to technology and user experience.  At Keste we know the Oracle Stack. Thanks to this, we are now well positioned for what is really driving the needs of our customers —the cloud.

Even as you read this, we are working with our customers to set foundations and design roadmaps to go to the cloud, whether that be around platform as a service (PaaS), cloud integration, mobile cloud services or cloud-based file sharing and collaboration.

The key to our success has been (and will continue to be) our specialization across the Oracle stack and our proven ability to:

  • deliver complex, integrated solutions.
  • drive business value and industry advancement.
  • deliver in a timely manner.
  • leverage existing investments and provide value.

And — thanks to our long, successful relationship with Oracle — we have been delivering significant benefits to our clients for over 10 years!  But, we are not done.  We are going to continue to invest significantly in our people and build our expertise in order to continue delivering value for all our customers.

It has been an awesome journey and we are looking forward to the years to come!  Let’s get started; contact us today!