Imagine waking up every day and consistently making sales that require little to no effort, ones that get the highest possible price in the shortest possible time. Sales where a highly satisfied customer keeps returning and even recommends others. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and people are happy and satisfied all of the time. The perfect sale. Key word? Imagine.

Sales are complicated with many every-changing moving pieces. The sun doesn’t always shine, maybe the sky is ugly, and people aren’t always happy and satisfied. However, every company must master the art of sales in order to succeed and part of that mastery is preparation. If you are the type of sales leader who uses data for decisions, one who believes in being as prepared as possible for any circumstance, then you will benefit from Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Sales cloud is the #1 digital platform for sales, a one-stop shop that houses all the details of customer interactions in a single, cloud-based application. It provides the tools that lets your salespeople sell smarter and faster, focusing on what counts: the customer.

How it helps

Grow accounts and close deals faster from anywhere by automating processes and consolidating data on the world’s most trusted cloud platform.

Manage accounts and opportunities

  • Gain real-time visibility into accounts, including insights from popular social media sites
  • Customize each stage of the sales process so that you stay connected, tracking and driving opportunities in your way

Find and convert leads

  • Identify opportunities and rank leads
  • Improve conversation rates and increase revenue with easily accessed marketing insights, campaign tracking, lead scoring, and routing to the best representative

Accelerate productivity

  • Access customer information and interactions in one place from anywhere, via any device. You can be at work, home, a client site, or anywhere in between
  • Automate business and approval processes, including creating automatic email alerts

Affordable for business of any size

  • Five different editions offered on a per-user, per month basis
  • Easily integrated with other Salesforce cloud platforms with access to thousands of applications via the AppExchange

Make it happen

Keste has a solid history helping companies drive success using cloud technologies from Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM solution provider. A member of the Salesforce Partner community, we have access to the extensive Salesforce ecosystem and the internal technical expertise to help you get up and running not just fast but in the right way.

Find that fine sales line between imagination and reality. Be prepared at all stages of the sales cycle. Contact Keste today for more information.