Energize Your Sales Process with Commerce-to-Cash

What if “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want” wasn’t just a catchy plea from the 90s group, Spice Girls, but instead sort of a magic capability that you could tap into when it comes to understanding your customers’ needs?

As you contemplate what it means to fully embrace digital transformation – in between getting this song out of your head (sorry about that) – consider what your current sales cycle looks like. Do you have the infrastructure to deliver upon customer needs quickly?

If not, imagine the ability to anticipate the products and solutions best suited to your customers with just a glance at their history. Or by comparing similar purchase activity from someone else. Or by simply understanding your own inventory and its configuration possibilities.

As it turns out, this is exactly what your customers really, really want.

Staring into the abyss:  your biggest digital commerce challenges

So what’s standing in your way of creating smart, timely sales quotes? Besides manual processes such as data entry … and complex product configurations … and pricing.

Not to mention contract lifecycle management (CLM).

Other than these things, you’re in the clear, right?

Unless you don’t have any real operational standards, which leaves plenty of room for mistakes across the sales cycle.

Or if your customer view is limited, preventing you from tracking them along their journey—including when it’s time for renewal.

With these limitations sapping your resources, you’re undoubtedly missing out on developing new revenue streams and models, such as bundles or subscriptions.

If this sounds like your situation, how is it affecting your customer experience?

It can’t be great.

Fear not: Commerce-to-Cash can help

As long as sales exists, there will be ways to renew your approach and maximize your opportunities.

An effective way to do this right now is through unified commerce ­– the integration of your commerce, configure price quote (CPQ), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems – so that your customers enjoy an ideal experience each and every way that they interact with you, whether physically or digitally.

This is the focus of the Keste Commerce-to-Cash solution. It simplifies as much of the sales process as possible, eliminating the places where errors sneak in, while shortening the tasks that eat up valuable sales time such as quotes, proposals, and approvals.

For example, Commerce-to-Cash opens up self-service opportunities to your customers through custom portals, empowering them to configure products and order combinations to suit their needs.

There’s a huge time savings already.

It also enables you to provide accurate, on-the-spot pricing with virtually any product configuration scenario. For instance, with CPQ, you can account for optional add-on features, customizations, quantities, and discounts from any device, straight from the cloud.

It basically makes you a subject matter expert (SME) for your customer, allowing you to evaluate and understand their needs, identify the features that set you apart from competitors, and address any objections from an informed view. All of this adds up to bigger sales.

While most salespeople are well-versed in their industry, many don’t have technical insights into more complex products or the supply chain side of the company. CPQ becomes a viable option in the absence of having an SME on every sales call. salesforce.com


What makes Commerce-to-Cash the right unified commerce approach?

In a word, integration is the key to creating the ultimate buying experience. Keste can help you benefit from integrated technologies and platforms by connecting and leveraging multi-cloud solutions. In no time at all, you’ll have the abilities to do the following:

  • Automate processes to ensure a speedy, accurate sales cycle
  • Get a complete customer profile to monitor progress along the customer journey
  • Create a process that has a clear direction and easy-to-use functionality
  • Implement self-service options for faster sales and better customer experience
  • Quickly implement new revenue streams such as subscription models

How do I employ a Commerce-to-Cash strategy that supercharges my sales goals?

At ArganoKeste, digital transformation is what we do. We understand how to implement a scalable Commerce-to-Cash solution, no matter what your business size. Through our partnerships with industry-standard providers such as Oracle and Salesforce, we can help modernize your sales process, making it lean, efficient, and ultimately more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

We also make sure your Commerce-to-Cash strategy is supported by adequate training and support, so that your team can take full advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

If you’d like to see how Keste can help your organization achieve its digital commerce goals, , contact ArganoKeste today, and we’ll be happy to schedule some time to learn about your needs.