The Key to Boosting B2B Customer Loyalty

We’re going to share the big takeaway of what we’re about to tell you in this post upfront: Your ability to deliver on a customer’s order expectations – giving them what they want, when they want it, with updates along the way – is the key to creating loyal customers. And that doesn’t just mean they’ll be return purchasers. It means they’ll be socially engaged with your brand.

It’s like adding an active member to your marketing team who you don’t even have to put on the payroll.

So if you currently go to sleep every night with the feeling that your inventory management processes are in 100% working order with no need for improvement, then congratulations and read no further. You are the envy of anyone in charge of maintaining efficient supply chain management. A true digital commerce hero.

However, if you’re finding it difficult to introduce new products or retire old ones, don’t have the assurance that you can accurately predict inventory needs, or have trouble delivering products on time, Keste can help you benefit from true digital transformation.

Ensure quality data through a unified commerce platform

That great sleep we just mentioned? The nightly necessity that reduces stress, increases productivity, and contributes to your overall physical and mental health?

This is made possible with quality data—data that connects your sales, manufacturing, supply chain, and financial systems in a way that’s essentially frictionless… data that connects your business from Commerce-to-Cash.

Access to quality data ensures that you have a single source of truth so that you can accurately plan for demands and proceed with your business decisions with confidence.

Establish an agile supply chain with commerce-to-cash

This data accessibility naturally feeds into inventory management and procurement, allowing you to assess your inventories in real time, update orders, and project what materials you’ll need and when. You’ll have the information you need to take advantage of bulk and discount opportunities, accurately account for tax costs, and factor-in any other variables to find your inventory “sweet spot” and avoid shortfalls or surpluses in your supplies.

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Manufacturing

And on the topic of real time, a connected fulfillment system gives you real-time insight into your sales needs, from data about raw material and finished product levels to inform you for implementing smart manufacturing solutions. Similarly, you’ll stay updated about customer demands, setting you up for an intelligent distribution network to make sure you have the right inventory in the right place at the right time.

Worried about compliance issues? Commerce-to-Cash enables you to “set it and forget it,’ automatically ensuring that you’re in compliance with regulations specific to your industry, geographic locations, data governance, manufacturing, and customer base.

And with automated order integration, you can streamline all processes from order placement to delivery, eliminating error and freeing your salespeople to focus on selling. Your fulfillment team gets an accurate view of a customer’s order and when it will be delivered.

Finally, quality data gives your customers order visibility, with 24/7 access to their order status. In the past, the best you could do is email your sales team, who then had to email three different departments to create their best “guesstimate.”

Through connectivity, quality data, and automation, a Commerce-to-Cash strategy helps equip your fulfillment process to work hand-in-hand with your sales process and deliver the customer experience you want.

Why is commerce-to-cash the right approach to boosting customer loyalty?

Through connectivity, quality data, and automation, a Commerce-to-Cash strategy helps equip your fulfillment process to work hand-in-hand with your sales process and deliver the customer experience you want.

Order Management has become the reason why shoppers choose to engage with one brand over another, and it’s often the deciding factor in social engagement, positive reviews, and long-term customer loyalty.

ArganoKeste partners with industry leaders such as Oracle and Salesforce to create a streamlined fulfillment process that works with your CRM and ERP solutions. Together, we have a proven track record for delivering successful Commerce-to-Cash solutions that meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

To learn how ArganoKeste can help your organization achieve its digital commerce goals, contact ArganoKeste today. We’ll be happy to schedule some time to learn about your needs.