“For us to survive and exchange in this world and to stay relevant, we have to go faster and quicker to get to market quicker,” says Ron Goldstein, President & CEO, CHOICE Administrators, @rgchoice1

Sound familiar? Companies across the globe are struggling to create a digital strategy required to stay relevant, while currently heavily invested in legacy platforms from the past. In addition, they each have different infrastructure models and don’t have the budget to rip and replace, so they must integrate and innovate. With less than six months until Dreamforce 2018 (!), we wanted to recap this presentation from 2017 Dreamforce where Ron Goldstein shares how the original private group exchange insurance company in California took the first steps to upgrading their legacy systems.

They also needed to move away from acting as a maintenance shop that was replacing code over and over and implement a team that focusses on innovation and user experience. By partnering with Keste, Vlocity, and Salesforce, they began the journey of modernizing their call center. Since they went live on May 1, 2017, the call center has already seen impactful changes, including:  

  • A decrease in talk time customer service representatives by almost a minute (time is money!) 
  • Streamlined user experience, going from clicking through 16 screens down to 2 screens 
  • Simplified distribution of key information to customers in 1-2 clicks versus the previous time-consuming process. 

Ron provides an honest overview of how the journey is much more complicated than just a simple purchase and how you can take the first steps in this game changing journey. 


The problem we have is nothing else has been modernized. You still have an old legacy system with this really fast piece of software so we are in the process now of figuring out where we go next.” 

This is where Keste steps in to assist with a customized road map and strategy. We help companies weigh their options and accelerate their journey to modernization.

Through the “Keste, Salesforce, Vlocity product,” leaders of CaliforniaChoice are changing the way they look at technology and customers of CaliforniaChoice are changing the way they view the company in terms of service.  

Contact us today or meet up with our Salesforce team to learn more about how Keste can accelerate your modernization no matter the state of your current infrastructure.