How to Achieve Lightning Speed Customer Service

What superpower would you give your customer service team that would impact your business the most?

Without hesitation, most would choose speed.

Because the faster your team can respond to a customer’s needs, the more likely you are to keep that customer.

But aside from a lightning bolt striking a case of chemicals and empowering your team with super-human reflexes, the most effective way we can see you getting the speed you need is with a Commerce-to-Cash strategy.

Commerce-to-Cash enables an end-to-end digital commerce transformation and streamlines every aspect of your business, helping you deliver to customers what they want—fast.

Becoming the fastest B2B company alive

Customer support can be time-intensive, seemingly pulling your resources down a swirling vortex, funneling into a hidden dimension of lost souls. If that sounds a bit extreme, then think of it this way: It can seriously drain your revenue-generating abilities.

But you can rise to defeat this nemesis in true heroic fashion through automation. By automatically delivering real-time actionable data to your customer service teams, you can provide them with a complete customer view, reducing both the time spent uncovering issues, and the massive hours spent in the quote/order/confirm time-suck spiral.

Your customer service team gets equipped with dashboards providing customer transaction history, known issues, and insights that can help resolve issues quickly, leading to additional sales.

Retain employees in a single bound

If you think customers get annoyed when processes are slow, think how your employees feel. Automation can also make sales goals and commissions easier to reach, while reducing the amount of oversight needed to ensure quality customer service. This goes a long way toward creating a positive work environment—one you can leverage to attract and retain top-level talent and deliver better customer support.

Give yourself performance insight X-ray vision

Routine assessment of agent performance is a great way to ensure high-level customer service. Where legacy solutions would pull in random agent interactions (which you’d then have to transcribe and draft into a report), a Commerce-to-Cash solution gives you real-time performance insight into an agent’s live call or customer interaction. From a single dashboard, you get at-a-glance insights that can be automatically converted into fully customizable reports.

And to improve performance, case management tracking helps you resolve customer inquiries quickly by giving you a single view into a case status, ensuring that no customer, order, or issue is missed. You can even see where each case is in the resolution process and reallocate resources to those that may require escalated attention.

Your [digital transformation] goal is to develop a model where people, processes, data, and tools work on one integrated platform that enables everyone to execute toward outcomes with speed and agility. —

With great power comes great flexibility

With modern tools, you often don’t even need to involve a customer service agent at all to provide a great customer experience. When it’s a small issue that can be addressed with a few questions and some quick input, many customers prefer self-service options. With AI, chatbots, and customer-facing dashboard technology, your manual data collection work can be eliminated, giving agents more time to address higher-priority issues and revenue-generating opportunities. Commerce-to-Cash enables you to provide these, along with access to community forums, product lookups, training tools, and selling guides to help customers resolve issues quickly.

You’ll believe a customer service center can fly

A Commerce-to-Cash strategy turns your customer service center into a revenue center, giving agents the benefit of a streamlined process with more time to focus on sales. With our record of deploying successful digital modernization solutions, we understand how to put this strategy in place—and put you on the fast-track to a better customer experience.

ArganoKeste partners with industry-leading providers such as Oracle and Salesforce to set up your Commerce-to-Cash solution for success. We can modernize your customer service processes, bridging the gaps between your CRM, ERP, and other solutions, thus freeing up resources that you can reallocate towards sales, efficiency, and growth.

Equipping companies to get the most from digital commerce is what we’re about. To hear how Keste can help you achieve a true digital transformation, contact ArganoKeste today, and we’ll be glad to schedule time to talk.